Does the catalogue include all LJMU Special Collections & Archives material?

No, not all collections have been catalogued. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for. In addition, Special Collection Books are listed on the Library Catalogue.

Do I need to make an appointment to see this material?

Our Reading Room is open to all and the book collections are browseable. If you want to browse or use our book collections then you do not need to make an appointment. We are currently open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

If you want to view archive material included in this catalogue we ask you to provide at least 24 hours notice (excluding weekends) so we can retrieve the material and have it available for your visit. Please visit our webpage at https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/microsites/library/special-collections-and-archives for further information or contact us at archives@ljmu.ac.uk

Do I need a letter of introduction to see this material?

No. Our collections are open to all for study, research and enjoyment.

Is there a maximum number of items I can see at once?

We do not set a standard maximum number, as it will depend on the length of your visit and the type of material you wish to view. We will guide you on this when you contact us.

Are some items not available to see?

On rare occasions we may have to withhold items due to legal restrictions or depositor wishes. We will guide you on this when you contact us.

Can I take the books/items out?

No. Our collections are for reference only.

Do your collections include the archives of LJMU as an institution?

Some, but not all. We hold some material related to some of the colleges that came together to create Liverpool Polytechnic, and some material relating to the polytechnic itself, but this is by no means a complete record.

Do I need to be a student or a member of staff at LJMU to see the collections?

No. LJMU Special Collections & Archives is open to all.

Can I bring a group to see or use the collections?

Yes, but please contact us for further details.

What are your opening times?

We are currently open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Please see our website for the most up to date information. You will need to request archive material in advance, as outlined above.

Can I take photographs of the material in the Collections?

We do allow photography of the collections for personal study and research use only, subject to conservation and copyright conditions. Please contact us or ask for more details when you visit.

Why can't I see images of all the documents in the catalogue?

The catalogue contains written descriptions of materials in the collections and is not designed to provide online access to digital images of documents. You may be able to find a small number of images along with their catalogue records, but much of the material we hold has not been digitised.

Are there any rules I need to follow when using the collections?

You will need to abide by the Reading Room Rules when visiting;

  • Eating and drinking are not permitted within the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room.
  • Please place your bags and personal belongings that you do not require for your research in the lockers provided.
  • Please use pencils only, and do not sharpen them over the documents.
  • Please follow the guidance from LJMU staff with respect to handling and use of gloves.
  • Please use the book rests and weights available when viewing volumes or plans.
  • Please ask whether photography or photocopying is permitted for specific material, and sign a copyright disclaimer where required.
  • Please keep bundles or folders of documents in order, and please do not unclip or unfasten documents without permission.
  • If you find any damage to a document, please report this to a member of staff.
  • You will also need to consider copyright law if you make copies of any material - you may copy material for personal research use only and must seek further permission if you wish to publish images in any way.